As of April 2021, the BSPCA is now the Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals. Our management and team remains committed to our mission – you can learn more about the work we do and ways to support us on this website.

The Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Animal Hospital located at Parel, Mumbai does not receive any financial support from the Government. We depend solely on donations to treat ownerless stray animals...

In order to maintain the running of our hospital and to offer our facilities, we do charge an affordable rate for the services that we provide.

Our services include -

  1. The running of an animal birth control and sterilisation programme
  2. We offer animal ambulances
  3. Veterinary clinics
  4. Dog, cat, horse and cattle wards
  5. Aviaries for sick and injured birds
  6. The service of neutering pets
  7. Adoption of stray animals
  8. Animal x-ray facilities

Our mission is to treat sick and injured animals, and to educate the community on responsible animal care.

In the past year

Animals Treated
11,000 +
Animals Adopted
250 +
Stray Animals Treated
5000 +

Support Us

Adopt an animal

One of the most significant ways you can support our work is by adopting an animal.



The BSDPHA does not receive any financial support from the Government.


Sponsor an item

We are grateful for any item donated to us from our Amazon Wishlist.


About us


Over the years, thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have had the opportunity to provide the following facilities to our patients and out team.


We have a range of wards for housing animals admitted to our hospital... from cats and dogs, to horses and cows.


The Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for animals offers a range of services... click bellow for further information.


Our Team

Live stock supervisors

Our Live stock supervisor’s help in the preparation of medicine and in the administration of treatment to animals.

Doctors and Students

Our doctors see to the daily cases that come our way. Senior doctors inspect cases, whilst students offer their suggestions on the line of treatment to be administered. Once the senior doctor approves, the animal is treated.

Ward boys

Our team of ward boys have various duties. They see to the day to day cleanliness and wellbeing of their assigned ward, in addition ensure each animal is seen to by a doctor on the treatment table.


Every ward has a Mukadam that supervises and sees to the efficient daily running of their ward. They ensure that critical cases are treated first, following by the rest.

Hospital Team

Our hospital team oversees the smooth running of the hospital. Making sure our animals are getting the best the treatment possible and ensuring that the welfare standards of our hospital are up to date.


Our admin team helps to ensure that the admissions and discharges of each animal run smoothly.