Jamshed Naval Godrej

I am extremely happy that an idea that was initiated by my father has now come true as a reality. His love and care for all beings, specially for animals has a fitting memorial in this Electric Crematorium for animals. We are all greatly honored that this project has started in the Century year of Godrej Organization..

Aamir Khan - Actor

The SPCA is doing a wonderful job & all the support that all of us can extend would be wonderful. Keep it up.

Mihir Kamdar Emory University, Atlanta, USA

Incredible! Staff has done an excellent job. Heart warning to see a nice facility in Bombay.

Dharmendra - Actor

Society is doing such a great deed, we should learn from SPCA.

Dr. Chandralekha S. Tampi NOFRA, Navy Nagar, Mumbai

The cleanliness, love and care with which the ward staff looks after and knows each animal is commendable.

Om Puri - Actor

Admirable work being done here. It was an experience to be here. A symbol of love and affection. I wish I could contribute something. If I could be useful, please call.

John Senior & Ryan Burrell US Consulate, Mumbai

The dedication and care that the staff show to needy animals is truly inspiring.

J.P. Dange, IAS Principal Secretary to Govt. of Maharahstra

Visited the prestigious Institute which has been doing excellent work for stray cattle & other related work.

UWE Reiuschlussel, DSB International School

We've seen a remarkable realization of a great idea…the visit gave our children a good impression what it means to help!

Padmeshree Mag Raj Jain - Hony. Secretary Society to Uplift Rural Economy (SURE), Barmer

It was a great pleasure and pride to visit this Institution under the able guidance and control of Lt. Col. (Dr.) J.C. Khanna. It is one of the best (BSPCA) Hospital and PCA I have ever seen. Real animal service is provided to animals in the very neat and clean hospital. It was our surprise visit but I was very much impressed by the staff service. One Cattle Shelter was sanctioned by the (Ministry of Environment & Forests) Govt. of India and have learned a lot by this Institution.

Lana Shirin Gazder - England

We were here two years ago and on our visit today we have witnessed this wonderful place go from strength to strength. The changes are quite remarkable. I was most impressed with the cleanliness, cool and airy condition of all facilities, the beautiful smooth day to day running of the whole establishment. Most of all, we knew this is the "Norms" and no special show was put up for us. The hospitality and efficiency of all the staff was second to none. Many thanks.

Desh Deepak Verma - IAS Joint Secretary, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India

Visiting this hospital and the SPCA has been bold an enriching and revealing experience for me. My kudos to Dr. Col. Khanna and his dedicated team for such good upkeep and maintenance of animal care facilities and hospital amenities in this Metro City of animal lovers. The SPCA has a crucial role to perform which I am sure the hospital staff will with maximum zeal and commitment. Thanks for all your hospitality & care.

Louise Nielsen - The Livestock Development Group United Kingdom

I was very pleased to have been able to visit this truly fantastic organization at such short notice. I was met with great warmth by Dr. J.C. Khanna who gave me thorough and comprehensive tour of the BSPCA. I was very impressed by the standard maintained here and feel confident that all the animals a being looked after with excellent care. I hope that I can visit again.

Dr. Karen Thompson - WSPA Australia

I have visited several shelters in India as part of a global investigation WSPA is conducting. This is one of the best shelters I have seen as far as hygiene, veterinary facilities & general care of animals are concerned. It is truly a pleasure to visit Bombay SPCA and credit all goes to Col. Khanna's hard work and dedication. Keep up the good work.

Achikyan Pavel - Russian Consulate General

This is a wonderful place and there are so many good people here who are ready to help you and co-operate to resolve your problem. They are doing their best to take care of animals and it must be highly appreciated.

Sureshchandra IAS Special Secretary, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India

Visit to BSPCA was a unique experience for me both officially and personally. The Society is engaged in extremely laudable work for animal welfare. Looking at their work one feel that there is need for others such Institution at many places to follow their examples. My compliments to the Secretary, Col. Khanna & his team for their dedicated work and best wishes to the Institution.

W. de Yonge, Ond. Beyerland & Others - The Netherlands

Well organized, clean and good practice. The friendliness of the staff and workers to the animal showed us. Good Luck and go on.

Narasha Mitchell - Ireland

I am a small animal vet visiting from Ireland. I am very impressed with the facility at SPCA. I was not expecting it to be so large. The animals are very well cared for and the equipment and housing are of a very good standard. I hope to visit again one day - thanks you very much Col. Khanna.

Dr. Aditya Arvind - Programme Producer, BBC World, Discovery, History Channel

Luckily visited the BSPCA Parel, and found a real and only Heaven for Animals. Thanks to Dr. Lt. Col. J.C. Khanna who has invested his total energy and knowledge to transform this from a simple Institution to a very special one. I wish him all the best.

Maj. General Mohanty, VSM, ADGRVS, Army Headquarter Delhi

Indeed a great pleasure in visiting this unique establishment which is doing yeomen's service to the Society. It is heartening also to see Col. Khanna doing an excellent job which makes me feel proud of his contribution to this Organization. My hearty congratulations for the wonderful work being done & sincere compliments from RVC Fraternity. Well done & keep it up. God Bless.

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