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Animal Rights & Protection

In all possibilities, you do... in fact, most of us do! Even that split-second acy of throwing a stone to frighten a stray dog... that stone could have maimed the animal for life or even killed it! Would you care to know? Why, would you throw a stone at a child however much he or she may irritate you?

This only means an animal’s life holds no value for us... or, we simply take its life for granted, even as we hate anybody taking ours. Strangely enough, how two-faced can we humans get!

Animal Rights & Protection Animal Rights & Protection

The Bombay SPCA and The Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit Hospital for Animals needs more support from the citizens of Mumbai. We need your help and we need it NOW.

Friend, the moment is now! Open your eyes, heart and mind to the elementary fact that even animals have life in them, much like us…. And extend your hand! The least anything can do is live… happily!

Animal Rights & Protection rules are as follows:

  • Indian Penal Code – 1860 Section 428 & 429.
  • Bombay Police Act 1951 Section 73 to 78, 99.
  • The Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act.
  • The Maharashtra keeping & movement of cattle in Urban areas (Control) Act 1976.
  • Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960.
  • Prevention of Cruelty to Draught & Pack Animals Rules (1965).
  • Wildlife Protection Act 1972.
  • The Bombay Public Conveyance Act 1920.
  • The Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act (Bombay Act No.III of 1888).

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