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Report Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty comes in the form of neglect and direct violence towards animals.

Neglect, or a failure to provide basic needs for an animal, makes up the vast majority of cruelty. This includes hoarding, lack of shelter or veterinary care, tethering and abandonment, as well as other forms of abuse.

It can be very upsetting to see someone beating or physically attacking an animal, but it's important not to turn away. It's crucial to involve law enforcement quickly.

Untreated wounds are a red flag that demand immediate attention; emaciation, scabs and hair loss can also be a sign of untreated diseases. If you can, alert the owner to the animal's condition and alert local authorities of suspected neglect as soon as possible.

Extreme hot or cold temperatures can be deadly menace to stray animals.. It can seem daunting or unnecessary to report neglect for inadequate sheltering, but conditions can change quickly, causing suffering or even death of the animal.

Dogs who are tethered continuously suffer tremendously, both from social isolation and exposure to predators and the elements. It is possible that they don’t have access to clean drinking water and food and be dying a slow painful death from starvation.

A startling number of animals die every year when people move out of their residences and simply leave the animals behind. Sometimes, an abandoned dog's barking or cat's howling can alert the neighbors, but it's wise to keep an eye on a recently vacated home, especially if the former residents moved suddenly. If you find or know of abandoned animals, report immediately.

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