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Art Award for Amateur Artist

The BSPCA has instituted a unique Art Award, through sponsorship of the concept, featuring a painting competition for amateur artists only in two categories.

The Art Awards will currently be for a period of three years - 2009 / 2010 / 2011.

  • Senior Citizens - age 55 years and above - The AWARD is Rs 10,000 / year
  • Youngsters / Adults up to age 25 years - The AWARD is Rs 7,500 / year


Art Award for Amateur artists

The objective of the competition is the production of an art creation which must be visually appealing and demonstrative of the artist's abilities. The subject has to be the main focus of the painting - without any restriction on the scenario.

Art Award for Amateur artistsThe Art Award is limited to the following species: dog, cat, rabbit, horse, hamster, guinea pig, mouse, rat, canary, birds and freshwater aquarium fish. Certain other types of animals, such as those commonly kept as farm animals, are also eligible for this Competition. Images that include any animal species other than those listed above will be removed from the Contest. The painting should draw the attention of the viewer to its focal point.


The work will be judged on how well it visually communicates the message. The Judges will evaluate the visual appeal, technical execution, and presentation of each entry to determine the award based on the entry's strengths and weaknesses.

Aesthetic skills and Imaginative concepts

Starting idea; Elaboration of chosen idea.

Artistic skills

Creativity; Technical and Compositional skills; Stylistic and poetic motivation; Expressiveness.

Structure of the competition

  • The deadline for submission will be 01 November 2008 for the Year 2009. Subsequent years will have the same deadline. The Award will be announced by 01 December and an appropriate function will be held at the BSPCA premises to felicitate the winner.
  • The award winning work will be chosen by a jury of five people: the Secretary of the BSPCA, a professional well known Indian artist, Chairperson of the Fund Raising Committee, 's representative and a well known animal lover / Mumbaiker.
  • The Secretary of the BSPCA will be the Coordinator for the Award Scheme.
  • There will be no bias towards sex or religion of the amateur artist - any Indian national within the specified age limits can submit an entry.
  • It must be an original work of art painted in the last one calendar year and never exhibited before.
  • If selected, the award winning painting will become the property of the BSPCA.
  • The medium can be acrylics, water colour, or oil paints or mixed media. No other media.
  • Minimum size will be 16"x20" and maximum size will be 24"x36" unframed.
  • It must be painted only on canvas or certified acid free paper.
  • The artist will submit a colour A3 size Xerox to The Secretary BSPCA and on the reverse side will be attached / printed the full details of the work - size, title, media used, when painted. Only when asked will the artist submit the original painting for evaluation.
  • The artist must attach full details about him/herself: name / address / email / telephone / mobile / and some details of his/her artistic interests / personal qualifications.
  • The BSPCA is not held responsible for any loss or damage at any time - the work having been given by the artist at his / her responsibility to the BSPCA.
  • The decision of the judges is final and there is no recourse for re-evaluation.
  • The BSPCA reserves the right to terminate / revise this award scheme at any time.
  • The artist thereby gives permission to BSPCA to reproduce the painting for merchandising through greeting cards / posters / postcards etc. The artist will get a commission of 25% of all sale proceeds featuring the selected award winning work. It will be payable by the BSPCA to the artist who has the right to see the accounts on sale of merchandise.
  • All works not chosen must be collected back by the respective artist. It is not the responsibility of the BSPCA to return any work.
  • The artist may be asked to show proof of age as well as artistic abilities if the judges question the integrity of the work.
  • If found to be the work of a professional artist, the work will be removed from the evaluation process and the artist will not be permitted to submit any entries even in the future.

These awards are sponsored in memory of Usha S Mehta who loved animals and whose own oil painting of her dogs Charlie and Tipki is shown above.

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