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Adoption Procedure

The BSPCA offers pets for adoption to loving homes. Adopting a pet is a step that requires love, patience and commitment.

Dogs & Puppies for adoption
Dogs & Puppies for adoption

Adoption procedure at the BSPCA

  • An adoption form is to be filled up by the prospective owner and proof of identity and residence has to be provided
  • After you have decided on the animal you would like to adopt, the BSPCA advises that those adopting should visit the hospital a couple of times to get acquainted with the pet
  • The BSPCA cares about the animal even after adoption and will check on the status of the adopted animal. If the environment ,proves to be unsatisfactory the animal will be brought back

Adoption procedure at the BSPCA

There are four areas to consider before adopting a pet, in order to make an informed decision.


The average lifespan of a cat of dog is 12 years. Enter this commitment of being with it for its full life, armed with the knowledge of raising a pet. Pets with long hair will shed and some breeds will scratch the furniture. If you are a Jain or vegetarian, you need to make arrangements to feed the animal the required non-vegetarian food or a balanced substitute diet. Also, discuss having a pet with all members of your household. All animals need a regular routine and lots of love and attention. But most importantly, pets need owners who are going to stay interested in them all their lives. Be aware of the consequences, but also remember that there are few things in life that can be compared with the joy of having a pet. As Roger Caras said “Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole.” and Stuart McMillan commented “A meow massages the heart”.


A pet requires food, bedding, equipment, housing and veterinary care. The BSPCA recommends that all dogs and cats are neutered to prevent unwanted litters. From time to time, pets will require regular vaccinations and checkups.


The sort of animal you choose depends on the amount of time you can commit. Dogs need regular walks. Cats are much more independent. It is of the utmost importance that the animal feels your love; it is just like looking after a small baby. Pets are no problem if treated like a part of the family.


Cats and dogs like to spend time outside so a secure garden is useful but not critical. Just make sure your dog is taken for regular walks. Cats require a tray or shallow box containing earth, for their toilet. This should be cleaned regularly. Ponies and farm animals need to be kept in a field or gazing area and a covered shelter should be available to protect them from the sun and rain etc. All animals require free access to drinking water.

Thinking of buying a puppy?

Be aware that certain breeders have little regard for animal welfare. Make sure you see a puppy with its mother before adopting it. It should stay with its mother for at least 6-8 weeks after birth. Don’t unwittingly support cruel practices like puppy farming i.e. mass breeding of puppies for profit.

All rescued and abandoned animals at the BSPCA are given to genuine animal lovers.

Interested in adopting?

Please contact the Manager at the general email address
Enter the subject as Adoption. Explain what kind of animal you would like to adopt. Provide your postal, e-mail address and phone number.

Remember a pet needs your time & interest for the rest of its life. Read about Pet Care »

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