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Past Events

BSPCA - art4all showcase an exhibition of different styles - artists donate upto 30% of their sales to the BSPCA

The Bombay Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has the support of a group of artists who have earlier exhibited at Goa and Ahmedabad. The group donates 10% to 30% of their sales to the BSPCA. So support them and you support the BSPCA. The inauguration of their latest exhibition on the 5th October saw brisk sales to a great art loving crowd, who are also animal lovers, at the Bajaj Art Gallery, Nariman Point, Mumbai.

For people who love landscapes, especially European scenes on canvas, Sunil S Mehta's landscapes are an ever-changing palette, from season to season. Sunil has worked with acrylics, oils and mixed media. His paintings reflect a natural world that is alive and restless, the impasto style creating beautiful imagery and depth and exploiting the richness of the paints. He has been well appreciated by those who have seen his portfolios, amongst them being many artists from abroad.

Joining him at the exhibition are two ladies who are wives of serving Naval officers based in Goa.

Veena Satish who paints figures in the Ravi Verma style and creates exquisite metal work. Veena is also good in figurative work but it is her metal work in copper plate which shines.

Sheba Nair who works are in the Tanjore style. Anyone who knows Tanjores, will appreciate how difficult they are to make; the labour involved and the strenuous attention to detail whilst using the gems and gold sheets to ensure visual accuracy. These works are a labour of love - most of them are of various gods from different religions and a few unusual pieces.

Date: October 6th to 11th, 2010
Time: 11 am - 7 pm
Venue: Kamalnayan Bajaj Art gallery, Bajaj Bhavan, Opp CR2, Nariman Point, Mumbai

Pt. Chhannulal Mishra Classical Concert

BSPCA raises funds through concerts and fund raisers as it serves a dual purpose - animal lovers can support their favourite cause, donate and enjoy an enriched evening of concert at the same time.

Pandit Chhannulal Mishra has been invited to sing a specially designed, thematic programme of light-classical music on Saturday, 8th August 2009 at the Experimental Theatre, NCPA. To celebrate the festival of Janmashtami on 14th August. Sahachari Foundation Events has specially organized this concert which helps raise funds for BSPCA. Pandit Mishra will sing special Krishna-related compositions that contain sahitya (poetry) associated with Krishna, selected from his vast repertoire of light - classical music forms prevalent in U.P. It will be a memorable evening. This concert will be of particular interest to Vaishnavites, who worship Lord Krishna. It is not often that we get a chance to organize something like this.

Western classical music with The Symphony Orchestra of India

The BSPCA has a long and close relationship with the NCPA and its Symphony Orchestra of India. Once again, for discerning music lovers, and especially of Beethoven, we bring you a real treat this September. The events as on 22nd September, & 27th September, 2009 will enable us to raise funds to support our Hospital. Please contact us at if you would like to support us with sponsorships. Tickets are available at the NCPA Box Office from14th August 2009.

An evening of grand opera at the Gala- Sept. 22 which showcases four international soloists, full chorus and full orchestra in rousing operatic masterworks. Opera Gala Concert. Repertoire of Operatic Favourites featuring The SOI with chorus and soloists Elena Kelessidi - Soprano, Agnes Zwierko - Mezzo-Soprano, AnandoMukerjee - Tenor, VuyaniMlinde - Bass, Conductor - VaghPapian.

The season's finale on 27th September explode with the exuberance of Beethoven's monumental 9th Symphony with international soloists, choir and Symphony orchestra. Beethoven : Symphony No.9 in D Minor, Op. 125. The Soloists - Elena Kelessidi - Soprano, Agnes Zwierko - Mezzo-Soprano, Anando Mukerjee - Tenor, Vuyani Mlinde - Bass, The SOI with chorus and Conductor - Alexander Anissimov.

Tickets are greatly in demand and therefore, as a valued friend of the BSPCA, we have put together a set of specially tailored packages giving you privileged access to the performances, so that you can make the very best out of what promises to be the premiere artistic and social event of the season in Mumbai.

Support the BSPCA and come enjoy an evening of great music at the same time.

Free Anti Rabies Vaccination

Earlier Bombay Municipal Corporation used to kill stray dogs by electrocuting. Now sterilization and anti rabies vaccination is being done by SPCA.

Free Vaccination / Inoculation for large Animals

BSPCA carry out free inoculation / vaccination for infectious / contagious diseases for large animals from time to time.

Zoonosis Day

Every year on 6th July free anti rabies vaccination is done for stray / abandoned dogs in hospital.

World Rabies Day

Every year World Rabies Day is observed on 8 September. The following events are held:

  • Marathon Run for Rabies Awareness
  • Free Anti Rabies Vaccination
  • A Seminar is held on Rabies Awareness

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