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The Bombay Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals including
The Bai Sakarbai Dinshaw Petit
Hospital for Animals
Dr. S. S. Rau Road, Parel,
Bombay - 400012.
Email: bombayspca@yahoo.co.in



The BSPCA is a charitable organization in existence since 1874. Its purpose is to prevent cruelty to animals and provide help and relief to all animals in Mumbai city. The animal hospital works 24 hours a day and treats an average of about 400 animals per day which includes different species of animals.


Olive Ridley turtle rescue report.

An injured Olive Ridley turtle found on Juhu beach by an animal lover.

It was brought to the BSPCA hospital by two Juhu Policeman. We were glad that they had brought it in. One forelimb is missing. It must have got caught in a fishing net.

It was cared for in the hospital and then sent to the Forest Dept's turtle centre on June30, in an ambulance. Special care was given to provide it with a comfortable ride.

So the turtle was kept cool & moist with water soaked gunny bags. Two under the body & one above as a cover.

All those involved with the turtle rescue in the BSPCA, waited impatiently for the driver's call, announcing their safe arrival. The journey takes little over 2 hours.

To every one's relief the driver called the manager to inform him of their safe arrival


We share with you information on how animals can recover from cancer, which appeared in a recent issue of DNA

Many cases are treated successfully thanks to improved techniques, drugs and equipment. But ACTREC (Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer), in the Tata Memorial Centre in Khargar, New Mumbai, is doing stellar work in the field.

Cancer can often be cured if detected early enough and the right treatment given.

Dr. Pradip Chaudhari is a veterinary oncologist (doctor) working with ACTREC. He is available most Wednesdays at the BSPCA hospital OPD.


Emu rescued from Mumbai suburbs suffered from depression

Emus are large flight-less, fast running Australian birds and like most living creatures they need company, preferably, their own kind.

Emus in India are usually seen in zoos, but many individuals took to breeding Emus for their meat. Emu meat is white and considered healthy particularly for those with cholesterol problems.

Unfortunately for the breeders there was little demand for the meat and they had to close down. This also resulted in a glut of unwanted Emus. Some were brought to Mumbai. We rescue whatever we can.

We are happy to report that the People for Animals Emu shelter in Pune has accepted our Emu and it was sent to Pune by ambulance on July 24.

After being under observation for seven days, if all is well, it will be introduced to the other Emus in the shelter

We are grateful to Manuj Oswal of the PFA Emu Shelter in Pune for all his help as well as accepting the bird. This is the second Mumbai Emu that we have sent to the Shelter.



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